Elevator and Escalator Safety Knowledge

1 How should passengers wait for the elevator?
(1) When passengers are waiting for the elevator in the elevator hall, they should press the upward or downward call button according to the floor they want to go to, and when the call light is on, it indicates that the elevator has memorized the instruction. Buttons should be pressed lightly, not tapped or pressed repeatedly, not to mention the force of slamming.
(2) When a person is waiting for the elevator, he/she should not press the upward and downward buttons at the same time.
(3) When waiting for the ladder, do not stand against the door or put your hand on the doorway.
(4) When waiting for the elevator, do not push or kick the door with your hands.
(5) When the elevator malfunctions, the door may be open, but the car is not on the floor, so do not stretch your head to look into the elevator to avoid danger.
2 What should be noted when entering the elevator?
(1) When the door of the elevator hall opens, you should first see clearly whether the car stops at the station. Do not step into the elevator in a panic to avoid the danger of falling.
(2) Passengers should not stay at the door of the hall.
(3) Do not physically stop the elevator from closing the door.

Post time: Nov-15-2023