Elevator daily maintenance management common sense

The elevator must be managed by someone, who is responsible for the management and regular maintenance, and can repair the faults in time and eliminate the faults completely, which can not only reduce the time of downtime for repair, but also prolong the service life of the elevator, improve the effect of use, and promote the development of production. On the contrary, if the elevator is used improperly and there is no person responsible for management and maintenance, not only can it not play the normal role of the elevator, but also reduce the service life of the elevator, and even personal and equipment accidents, resulting in serious consequences. Practice has proved that the use of an elevator is good or bad, depending on the quality of the elevator manufacturing, installation, management and maintenance during the use of several aspects. For a new elevator qualified by installation and commissioning, whether it can achieve satisfactory benefits after delivery and use, the key lies in the management of the elevator, safety inspection and reasonable use, routine maintenance and repair and other aspects of the quality of the elevator.
  In general, managers need to carry out the following work:
  (1) Receive the key to control the automatic opening and closing door locks outside the elevator hall, the key to transfer the elevator’s working status switch on the manipulation box (general cargo elevators and medical bed elevators may not be installed), the key to the lock of the machine room door, etc.
  (2) Determine the candidates for drivers and maintenance personnel according to the specific conditions of the unit and send them to the unit with qualified conditions for training.
  (3) Collect and organize the relevant technical data of the elevator, including the civil construction data of the shaft and the machine room, the installation layout plan, the certificate of conformity of the product, the manual of electrical control, the schematic diagram of the electric circuit and the wiring diagram of the installation, the atlas of wearing parts, the installation manual, the manual of use and maintenance, the specification of the installation and acceptance of the elevator, the packing list and the detailed list of the spare parts, the record of the installation acceptance test and the test record as well as the handover of information and materials at the time of the acceptance of installation, and the information and materials of the national relevant regulations on the installation and acceptance. The information and materials, the national elevator design, manufacturing, installation and other aspects of the technical conditions, norms and standards and so on.
  After the data collection is complete, it should be registered and accounted for, and kept properly. Only a copy of the information should be contacted in advance to copy.
  (4) Collect and keep elevator spare parts, spare parts, accessories and tools. According to the detailed list of spares, spare parts, accessories and tools in the random technical documents, clean up and proofread the spares, spare parts, accessories and special tools sent randomly, and collect all kinds of installation materials remaining after the elevator is installed, and register and build an account to keep them in a reasonable way. In addition, it should also prepare the procurement plan of spare parts and accessories according to the technical information provided in the random technical documents.
  (5) According to the specific situation and conditions of the unit, establish elevator management, use, maintenance and repair system.
  (6) familiar with the collection of elevator technical information, to the relevant personnel to understand the elevator in the installation, commissioning, acceptance of the situation, when the conditions are available to control the elevator for up and down a number of test runs, carefully check the elevator’s integrity.
  (7) After making the necessary preparations and having the conditions, the elevator can be delivered for use, otherwise it should be temporarily sealed. When the sealing time is too long, it should be handled properly according to the requirements of the technical documents.

Post time: Nov-15-2023