Formulation of Lift Emergency Management System

Formulation of Lift Emergency Management System

The design of the lift emergency device has been completed, but after all, it only needs to be used when the lift stopping and trapping accident occurs or when repairing the lift, and the device is located in the lift shaft, which will inevitably have a great impact on the normal operation of the lift. Therefore, it is very important to develop a special emergency management system.

1, the use of lift management unit should be based on the actual situation of the development of emergency rescue system and emergency rescue plan, equipped with lift management personnel, the implementation of the responsible person, the configuration of the necessary professional rescue tools and 24h uninterrupted communication equipment.

2、Lift use management unit should be in the lift maintenance unit signed maintenance contract, clear lift maintenance unit responsibility. Lift repair and maintenance unit as one of the responsible units for repair and rescue work, should establish a strict protocol, equipped with a certain number of professional rescue personnel and the corresponding professional tools, to ensure that after receiving the report of the lift emergency can be rushed to the scene in a timely manner for repair and rescue.

3、Strictly prohibit the lift and emergency basket at the same time blackout, and should develop a special emergency basket operating procedures. When the lift is in daily use, the basket must be lowered to the lowest to the bottom of the lift shaft and fixed reliably to avoid entering the lift operation area. Cut off the total power supply of the basket in the machine room and lock the machine room. The emergency rescue device can be activated only when a lift trapped accident occurs and rescue cannot be carried out by conventional rescue means, or when the lift breaks down and needs to be repaired but it is not possible to enter the roof of the lift car through the residents’ homes. When using the basket, the main power supply of the lift must be cut off to prevent the sudden start of the lift from causing injury to the people in the basket. The person using the basket must undergo the necessary training and take appropriate safety precautions.

Post time: Jan-04-2024