Five kinds of wrong behavior easy to cause elevator safety accidents

Elevator doors are equipped with anti-clamping devices, when moving things, people often use objects to block the door. In fact, the elevator door has an interval of 10 to 20 seconds, after repeated closure, the elevator will start the protection design, so the correct approach is to hold down the electric button, rather than forcibly blocking the door. When the elevator door is closing, passengers should not prevent the door from closing with their hands or feet.

Elevator door sensing has a blind spot, too small to be sensed
  We commonly use the light curtain elevator, the door is equipped with two ray sensing device, when there are objects blocking the ray, the door will automatically pop open. But no matter what kind of elevator, it will have a distance sensing blind spot, just the size of the blind spot is different, if the foreign object is exactly in the blind spot, there is a danger of being caught.
Car is the safest space, pickpocket easy to lead to accidents
  Inside the car is a safe space, compartments and floors between the existence of a large gap, inside the people forced to pick open the elevator door out, it is easy to fall from the gap. If the elevator does not happen to stop at the floor, but stopped between the two floors, this time forcibly pick open the door out, one is easy to fall, and if the elevator suddenly started, it is very easy to have an accident.
Do not lean on the elevator door to prevent falling into the shaft.
  When waiting for the elevator, some people always repeatedly press the up or down button, and some people like to lean on the door to rest temporarily, and some will tap the elevator door. Do not know repeatedly press the button will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, the button malfunction. And leaning, pushing, hitting, prying the door will affect the opening of the floor door or because the floor door opened inadvertently and fell into the shaft. Therefore, do not press the button repeatedly when taking the elevator. Light curtain elevators, in particular, are sensitive, so do not lean on the elevator door.
When the car reaches its position and is accurately aligned, enter and exit the elevator.
  Due to the age of the elevator and the lack of frequent maintenance, some elevators may be in different conditions during operation. Therefore, when taking the elevator, make sure that the car is in position and accurately aligned before entering or exiting the elevator when the elevator door is opened.

Post time: Aug-28-2023